Up on the Red Line

We already had plenty of fond memories from the Red Line Tap, a venerable dive bar venue owned by the Rogers Park institution known as Heartland Cafe. In the eight or so years since we moved away from the neighborhood, we've kept coming back. But somehow we missed the revamp that moved the stage to the front and opened up the wall separating the bar and the venue area until we played a gig there last month. As you can see here, it's a lovely switcheroo:

Anyway, we hope you can join us in a couple weeks to see the space for yourself. We're proud to play a benefit for Toys for Tots on Saturday, Dec. 2 with whitewolfsonicprincess and friends. We've got new originals, old favorites, a special guest and even a Christmas carol in store. See you there! 

The Rock 'n' Roll Store

This past weekend we joined the circus—the Rock & Roll Circus at The Store in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, to be precise. We hadn't had the pleasure of seeing organizers and headliners whitewolfsonicprincess since way back in the Cake & Whiskey days, so that was a clear highlight. But we also were introduced to The Remember Knots, hearing them play their awesome new album from start to finish.

We're looking forward to playing the circus again soon, when it makes its way up to Rogers Park's Red Line Tap later this month. Hope you'll join us!

Yippee Ki-Yay

It was an absolute honor to play the first inaugural Yippie Fest at the Prop Thtr in Avondale, Chicago last weekend. Many kudos to the dedicated organizers who wrangled more than 80 groups performing theater, music, comedy, and more over three massive days—and without a hitch. We connected with old pals, met some great folks, and had ourselves an excellent time. We can't wait until next year!


A New Song for the Best Holiday There Is

 This image brought to you by the eminently clever  Ryan McGuire  of Gratisography.

This image brought to you by the eminently clever Ryan McGuire of Gratisography.

Is your Halloween playlist missing that special something? Don't you worry your Peter Pumpkin head about it. Parallelicopter's got you covered with a itty-bitty ditty about a little-known horror film afflicted with a small but significant typo.

Enjoy responsibly.



The Cakefather

The Cakefather was Parallelicopter's last Cake & Whiskey gig before the monthly event was brought to a halt by a cease-and-desist notice from a magazine that shall remain nameless (though you could probably venture a guess). The event was held at Act One Pub inside the Mayne Stage Theatre in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Never played a show with the Godfather on mute in the background before, but the crowd was still pretty into our set, classic film notwithstanding. Apparently we made them an offer they couldn't refuse.